R3m/framework Features Cli class

The Cli class has at the moment 2 methods: read & tput.
There are currently 4 plugins available which utilizes the Cli class.



To read from the terminal: Where input is the default input. Where username is the text to display.

Cli::read('input', 'username')

To read hidden input from the terminal (like passwords): Where input-hidden is the type of input. Where password is the text to display.

Cli::read('input-hidden', 'passsword')


Tput has a few options:

Cli::tput(String $tput='', Array $arguments=[]);


{terminal.color($color, $background)}

Where color & background is:

{$input = terminal.readline($text)}
{terminal.tput($command, $arguments)}

Get the current user id your php project is using:

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