R3m/framework Function reference string.token

{string.token(String $string, String $token)}
{string.token(String $token)}

Tokenize string.

{string.token()} splits a string (string) into smaller strings (tokens), with each token being delimited by any character from token.
That is, if you have a string like "This is an example string" you could tokenize this string into its individual words by using the space character as the token.

That only the first call to {string.token()} uses the string argument. 
Every subsequent call to {string.token()} only needs the token to use, as it keeps track of where it is in the current string. 
To start over, or to tokenize a new string you simply call {string.token()} with the string argument again to initialize it. 
That you may put multiple tokens in the token parameter. 
The string will be tokenized when any one of the characters in the token argument is found.

Returns a string token, or false if no more tokens are available.

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