R3m/framework Function reference string.translate

{string.translate(String $string, String $from, String $to)}
{string.translate(String $string, Array $replace_pairs)}

Translate characters or replace substrings.

If given three arguments, this function returns a copy of string where all occurrences of each (single-byte) character in from have been translated to the corresponding character in to, i.e., every occurrence of $from[$n] has been replaced with $to[$n], where $n is a valid offset in both arguments.

If from and to have different lengths, the extra characters in the longer of the two are ignored. The length of string will be the same as the return value's.

If given two arguments, the second should be an array in the form array('from' => 'to', ...). The return value is a string where all the occurrences of the array keys have been replaced by the corresponding values. The longest keys will be tried first. Once a substring has been replaced, its new value will not be searched again.

    The string being translated.
    The string being translated to to.
    The string replacing from.
    The replace_pairs parameter may be used instead of to and from, in which case it's an array in the form array('from' => 'to', ...).
    If replace_pairs contains a key which is an empty string (""), the element is ignored; as of PHP 8.0.0 E_WARNING is raised in this case.

Returns the translated string.

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