R3m/framework Function reference parse.int

{parse.int(Mixed $value, Int $base=10)}

Get the integer value of a variable.
Returns the integer value of value.


The base parameter has no effect unless the value parameter is a string.

If base is 0, the base used is determined by the format of value:

    if string includes a "0x" (or "0X") prefix, the base is taken as 16 (hex); otherwise,
    if string starts with "0", the base is taken as 8 (octal); otherwise,
    the base is taken as 10 (decimal).

Returns the integer value of value on success, or 0 on failure as an int.
Empty arrays return 0, non-empty arrays return 1. The maximum value depends on the system.
32-bit systems have a maximum signed integer range of -2147483648 to 2147483647.
So for example on such a system, parse.int('1000000000000') will return 2147483647.
The maximum signed integer value for 64-bit systems is 9223372036854775807. Strings will most likely return 0 although this depends on the leftmost characters of the string.
The common rules of integer casting apply.

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